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Rafaela vilchez

does the priestess tell us? What is written in the book? we imagine that we talk to her or she lends us the book to acquire her knowledge. If we decide to see ourselves in the place of the priestess we will be able to strengthen our capacity of intuition, obtaining more complete answers to our questionsAFFIRMATIONI CAN LISTEN TO OTHERS AND UNDERSTAND THEM, I AM ABLE TO BE ALONE WITH MYSELF. Arcanum III, The EmpressConcrete definitions:Natural Being | Great productivity and fertility of projects | Transformation of negative situations | Starting from nothing and succeeding | Overcoming depression | Generosity and abundance | Independent and happy person | Person of power but sinsometer | Executive and independent woman.WORKAutonomous, creative and profitable jobs, which require a gift of command. JOBFeminine jobs, ability to lead your own life.LOVEYoung creative woman; deep feelings, joyful, fun, happiness, sensual and sexual feelings, long relationship, sensitivity, good mother.HEALTH

Monthly horoscope june 2021 – scorpio

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Rafaela vilchez tarot

But no, nothing that the clairvoyant rafaela vilchez predicted has come true or happened in my life, except for one thing or another, but among the literally 35 predictions that she made for me over the phone, in general, and in other experiences I have had with clairvoyance, I have not done well.
In general, and in other experiences I have had with clairvoyance, I have not done well at all, because it seems that I do not know how to choose my specialists well until I had the opportunity to consult with this one.
For me it was really impressive to realize how much a good consultation could mean to me, because over time I had become accustomed to being told some nonsense and that everything ended up being a parapet.
One of the things that I value a lot is that they are very accurate, and in this case this psychic was so accurate with me that I was pleasantly impressed, she was one of the specialists who was right by far the most things she told me.
It’s been a long time that I am in all this tarot and clairvoyance and in various internet sites I have been finding different opinions about many clairvoyants.and I found it quite interesting that this particular one is named a lot.

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