never stop believing

Leaving aside this more subjective vision, it seems to me a very recommendable song for those moments when things do not go as you want, when you feel incapable, when we do not allow ourselves to be happy because we are anchored to a past or a future that does not exist, as it highlights some of the most important values or attitudes when facing those moments: optimism, acceptance, overcoming, resilience, confidence, self-esteem, security…and it does it with the level of energy necessary for change.

nunca dejes de soñar en español

I started calling a lot of companies from the moment I had the idea. However, almost all of them told me the same thing… «I’m sorry, but in 5 days I can’t prepare and send what you are asking me to do».
And did you distribute the 300 bracelets in one day? No! Many of the ones I had left over I took them with me to Mexico, USA, Romania and to any of the places where life has invited me to be… I have always carried 2 in my wallet and to all the people who have appeared in my life, who have given me a special moment or who have simply brought some light I have been giving them as a gift. And today, those 299 bracelets are in different corners of the world.

how nice it is to love lyrics

With your look. With his attitude. With his compositions. Everything Manuel Carrasco transmits is energy. Optimism. «Life is tight, it’s true, but I’m on a very good streak and all my new songs reflect vitality. I have done a good inner work, of self-analysis. And I feel stronger. More spiritual», explains the artist from Huelva. As proof, the three unpublished pieces included in ‘Confieso que he sentido’.  An album in which he collects his most applauded songs, as a result of its tenth anniversary. In Barcelona he will present it on February 12 at the Auditori.
Yes, it’s been a decade since a shy Manuel Carrasco, catapulted by ‘Operación Triunfo’, recorded in Madrid ‘Quiéreme’, produced by Miguel Ángel Arenas. Now, for this sixth album, he has gone to London and in the Kensaltown Recordings studios he put himself under the orders of Martin Terefe, winner of two Grammys and producer of Jazon Mraz, James Morrison, Train, Elton John and Jamie Cullum.

pandemic 2020 song

Today I have seen an entire town get emotional (many of them, to tears), when they saw Álvaro Moreno greeting and thanking all the people of Osuna for having come to such a great event (to describe it in some way). How curious, Álvaro Moreno thanking all of us for having gone there. To his event. With his indelible smile. With his infinite humility. But no, my friend. Not this time. This time I am not going to agree with you. Yes, I understand that in your way of being there is no room for not thanking your people for the support you receive. I understand you. But that’s not the way things go, and allow me to correct you.

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