Frases bonitas de soñar 2020

motivational phrases

Yesterday I felt that heaven was you, that my life only goes through you, that my lips need to kiss you, that my hands belong to your skin, that my eyes can only look at you, that my smile is yours… that my heart can only fall in love with you.
You are silent while you kiss, you are silent because we enjoy each other, an eternal silence that only lasts a second and in which we tell each other everything without words, a whispering I love you full of love, your forever with you is to wake up in you.
I slept the night in your lap enjoying the aroma of your burning skin, I felt the dawn between your arms naked of malice, I lived your sweetness and ate of your tenderness little by little without waiting for a new nightfall.

phrases of goals and achievements

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dreams and goals to achieve

Unfortunately, jobs don’t last forever and job loss is not something new, it happens to millions of people. For those who depended on a single income to meet their debts, with bills to pay and no savings, this means a big problem.
If that company no longer wants you to work, don’t feel bad, they are hurting more because they are losing a great worker. You have many virtues, soon a company will see that in you and will invite you to work with them. It is difficult to stay without sustenance, but it is much worse to stay with a pessimistic and defeatist attitude. Don’t doubt that you are a very valuable worker and that the company that counts on you will be sure of success.».
We will always find stones, problems in our way, but it is our decision to stay, lamenting or getting out of them. When we manage to overcome them, we come out renewed and much better than we were. You will knock on many doors, some will not open, but a window may be open for you. Don’t lose hope, I know someone will see your talent.»

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